photo restoration

Restore your most precious memories

Minor Restoration

For lightly damaged originals with up to 3 minor repairs outside of major areas.(**major areas of repair are faces, hands, and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to your photo)

Moderate Restoration

Includes one of the following:

Photo Restoration Services

Severe Damage

For heavily damaged originals with more than 3 major areas damaged


Just bring your image to us and we'll take care of the rest. We'll digitize the image and return a repaired and enhanced

  • Minor: $29.99
  • Moderate: $44.99
  • Severe: $59.99
  • Restore up to 3 major areas of repair,
  • Color restoration of intact photo,
  • Add/Delete one person in a group photo,
  • Colorization of an intact B&W photo,
  • Change background.

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